How To Change Spectrum Wifi Name And password?

When you get new wifi installed in your house, it is common for people to name it after something personal so that those nearby know that the connection belongs to you.

It is usually named after the owner, or it may be something personal or funny. Oftentimes, the technician from spectrum will ask you for the desired wifi name and password and set them up just the way you wish.

But this might not be the case sometimes- you may have self-installed the wifi or might want to change the username and password later yourself.

Changing spectrum wifi and password to something personal and private keeps it safe from unwanted users, and hackers nearby.

As you may know, the more people sharing the connection, the slower it gets so you may want to keep your wifi for your own personal use. It is actually pretty simple to change spectrum wifi username and password so relax and follow along.

  1. Find your router’s ip address at the back of your Spectrum router. It is often, but it can change depending on the model of your router.
  2. Type the ip-address in the browser (using computer is recommended гидра, although this can be done in mobile phones app as well)
  3. Enter the username, and password of your router. This can also be found at the back of your router. The username and password may both be sometimes set to “admin”
  4. Click the advanced button on top of the window. Skip this step if there is nothing such available.
  5. Now select either the 2.5ghz or 5ghz network, both can be changed one at a time, but can’t be changed simultaneously so decide whichever connection you wanna change first. 
  6. Click on the “Basic” tab
  7. From here you should be able to change both spectrum username and password.
  8. After choosing your desired username and password, click on apply.

How to Change Spectrum WiFi Name and Password