How To Cancel Spectrum Internet? | Spectrum Support

Slow Internet? Bad Service? Changing location? Or a competitor is giving better prices? There can be a variety of reasons which may cause you to change or cancel your spectrum internet subscriptions. Today I will be providing a brief guide on how to cancel spectrum internet.

How do I cancel my Spectrum Internet?

1) The most convenient way to cancel spectrum internet is by calling their customer services hotline. Their phone number is available all over the internet, on their website, or you can simply call 1-855-757-7328.

After placing your call to the designated customer care number, you will be greeted by a robot menu. You should carefully pick from the options provided to reach a customer care representative who are trained for your designated request.

If you get into a call with a representative, you should double-check whether you are talking with the customer retention department (they are responsible for any cancellation or change in your internet plan). If you are on call with the wrong person then kindly ask to be transferred to the correct department.

2) Now that you are on call with a representative, you might be wondering what is the next step? Worry not, as this step is very important, please give your undivided attention. You need to come up with the perfect excuse to cancel your subscription without getting any reprimands in return. The following are the best excuses used to cancel subscriptions from service providers.

The customer is moving to a non-Spectrum area (an area where Spectrum is not offered)
The account holder is deceased/incapacitated.
Temporary/seasonal disconnect and Seasonal Suspend Plan is not available in their area.
Natural disaster.
The customer doesn’t know what address they’re moving to.

You should weigh your options carefully, pick the best possible excuse to avoid intensive questioning, and of course, be prepared to answer any questions with confidence in case they do arise. The best option is to tell the representative that you are moving to another location where Spectrum isn’t offered, that you are dissatisfied with their service, or that a competitor is offering a better price.

If you choose to go with the excuse of changing location, it is recommended that you carefully pick a city where the service isn’t offered or better yet, tell them you are planning to move abroad. Be careful to not have an extended conversation as the representative will do everything possible and use every trick to keep you as their consumer.

3) Be sure to return your equipment to a nearby spectrum outlet. They may charge you a lot for any damaged or lost equipment so make sure you have all of them in hand before you visit an outlet. Take a picture of the receipt to keep as proof in case anything happens in the future.

4) Call spectrum customer service once more to confirm whether your subscription is canceled, and be polite about it. You should make sure to mention things like outstanding balance, unreturned equipment, and if the cancellation is moving forward as expected.

If all the questions are answered positively, then congratulations on canceling your spectrum internet, and if not, get in a call with the customer representative to fix the issues.